Halo Features

Features 1-6

  1. The Finger Pull / Hold Down Strap has three optional functions. First, once the HALO is in position, the loop can be used to pull the main strap taught by inserting a finger through the loop and pulling the strap directly outward from the limb. The second is the opportunity to detach the strap once the HALO is fully deployed and the patient is ready for transport, and use it to secure the end of the main strap.
  2. The Locking Tab is attached to the end of the lever. Made from exceptionally strong Hook and Loop, it is used to hold down the lever into position after the lever is actuated. Once applied the locking strap is secure even under water.
  3. The Re-Direct Buckle is custom designed for two main functions. First it can be detached and reattached quickly to the base so that it can be places around an entrapped limb. It is stamped from steel, zinc plated for corrosion resistance and red powder coated for abrasion resistance and low friction.
  4. The Lever is engineered to rotate in the base and strong enough to withstand the full tensile force required for occlusion. It is laser cut from hardened steel, zinc plated for corrosion resistance and black powder coated for abrasion resistance and low visibility.
  5. The Main Strap is comprised of a special composite of Hook and Loop strapping whose length is designed to fit most arm and leg diameters. It is 1.75” wide requiring less pressure to fully occlude than other tourniquets thereby less likely to cause nerve damage once deployed.
  6. The TIME: Stamp is located on the end of the Finger Pull / Hold Down Strap. Used to write the time of deployment, this strap is fully detachable, and can be placed any were around the limb for visibility.

The Base is molded from a specialized thermoplastic elastomer that is weather and moisture resistant, and virtually indestructible under normal conditions of use.